0-24 Schlager Volksmusik

North Rhine-Westphalia

About 0-24 Schlager Volksmusik

0-24 Schlager Volksmusik has everything that will make any Schlager fan’s heart race. From Helene Fischer to Roland Kaiser, Andrea Berg, Marianne Rosenberg, and Andreas Gabalier. Every week, Schlager radio ranks first in our Top 40, and the Schlager radio hit parade airs on Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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0-24 Schlager Volksmusik is More than 20,000 supporters cheer for Maite Kelly, Michelle, Howard Carpendale, Vanessa Mai, Jürgen Drews, Roberto Blanco, and many others. Every year, our popular vacation to Mallorca with U104 creator Klaus Densow and many stars such as Nino de Angelo, Bernhard Brink, Kerstin Ott, and Michael Holm is a springtime highlight. A day at the beach with Schlager Radio and a Paloma cocktail (tequila and grapefruit lemonade) promises tranquility.


Website: 101fm.de

Language: German

Address: Nuremberg, Germany

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