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Big FM Russia is a radio station mostly broadcasts in German and Russian, focusing on Germany’s Russian-speaking community. It strives to meet the cultural and informational needs of Russian-speaking listeners living in Germany by providing a combination of music, Nachricht, and entertainment material in both languages. The station allows listeners to connect to their cultural roots while living abroad by playing popular music genres among Russian-speaking consumers and discussing themes pertinent to their community.

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Big FM Russia contributes significantly to the media landscape by working as a cultural ambassador and community link for Germany's Russian-speaking diaspora. Their playlist includes Artik & Asti's Tancuyi Business, Arthur Pirozhkov's Love is In, Loboda's InstaDrama, Jony's Padayu Poymay, and Skattl's Two Songs.



Sprache: Deutsch

Kontakt Nummer: 08000 900 901

Adresse: Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

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Big FM Russia