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About Radio Paloma

Radio Paloma is a private radio station that has been around since September 1, 2008. According to Media Analysis 2018 audio II, the station plays German hits and reaches 114,000 listeners in an average weekday hour, or more than half a million listeners per day in Germany. The station is managed by Berlin-based Unitcom GmbH.

More Information

The Radio Paloma program for young people is dedicated to playing schlager and hits and is the most popular among listeners aged 25 to 34. The studios are located at Grolmanstrasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Their events are Hits after work Top 6/6, Sulke Gandzior will talk about the main news and events in Germany, Schlager night shift songs all night long, hosts Claudia Campus and Stefan Loll.



Language: Germany

Contact Number: +49 01801 600 700

Address: Berlin 10673, Postfach 15 11 15,Grolmanstr 40, Germany

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Radio Paloma