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Delta Radio is a radio station in Kiel, Germany. It is a division of Mach3 Broadcasting, together with Radio Schleswig-Holstein (RS-H) and Radio Nora (both from Kiel). The French Lagardère Group owns stakes in the company.

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Delta radio takes pride in its unique and alternative image, as summed up by its tagline "Klingt anders". Delta radio has served as a focal point for various northern German and Scandinavian bands seeking to establish themselves in the Central European market. Delta radio specializes in rock music and is a sponsor station for, a website featuring new and upcoming artists in the region.



Language: [email protected]


Contact Number: +0800 - 900 90 88+0800 - 900 90 88

Address: RADIOZENTRUM How. Wittland 3. 24109 How

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