WDR 4 Radio

North Rhine-Westphalia

About WDR 4 Radio

WDR 4 Radio transmits a wide variety of locally and nationally produced programming, including music and spoken word, in hi-fi stereo. This radio station believes in offering genuine music variety, so listeners can enjoy a diverse collection of renowned and undiscovered tracks, pop, and folk. Fans can enjoy operetta, country, and folk music programs. In between, there’s news and weather.

More Information

The WDR entertainment channel, based in Cologne, primarily serves North Rhine-Westphalia. Its team of experts includes Jörg Brunsmann, Guido Fischer, Jutta Koster, Silke Liniewski and Rainer Nitschke. Their main event are Good morning!, Hello NRW!, Our afternoon, The WDR 4 Top 17 (Mon.), Radio WDR 4 for lovers, Rhythm of the night and Day at 5.


Website: www1.wdr.de/radio/wdr4/index.html

Language: German

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: 0221 56789-444

Address: 50600 Cologne, Germany

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WDR 4 Radio